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The Human Cockroach by bushidohacks The Human Cockroach by bushidohacks
It only seems right to submit this on Memorial Day a day where we remember those who have given their time to defend our country and especially to remember all those who have died to protect it. :flagus: :salute: However, on this day, Memorial Day, there are alot of companies out there who have decided to have a sale and tie it in with Memorial Day. We've seen this with other holidays. Christmas. Veterans Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Could you imagine how navie a white business man must be having a mattress sale on a holiday day remembering slain black civil rights leader? If some people are assine to do that for a holiday honoring one person, image all the people who do this on the holidays that honor more than one person. That's exactly what happens when businesses and advertisers take days like these, days set aside to honor those who protected this country and use it as a day to sell matresses, tires, and home appliances for half-price.

This deviation is a message that television, especially eMpTyV where 15 minutes of ever half-hour are used to promote or sell something their viewers don't need. After a while they become passive consumers.

If you think about it, there are creatures that have no though and ar ravenous consumers. We know them simply as insects. To my knoweledge, the largest known insect is the South American Cockroach, which although the name suggest that it is from South Amerircan, it has a large population in the United States. A hollywood insect breader for horror movies has a sepecim of this species that is about 6 inches large and it is not even the queen.

Given the Amount of advertising that is used to turn people into passive, apathic consumers, is the audience still human or have they become insects?

To the Americans who are reading this:
:flagus: <-- This may be a a small icon that represts our flag. Never the less, it is a symbol. A symbol men and women have died so that it may wave. Alot of good people whom you've never met and probably will never meet have made it possible for you to be at home or go out side and do the things that you do. One day, hopefully not soon, this flag might not exist anymore. A flag is a symbol of a country or an empire. History tells us that those entities are teleological. Could you image waking up one moring and finding that the country that you lived in no longer existed but all that remains of its existance is the flag that it represented?
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TylerDerden Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
anticonnex Featured By Owner May 30, 2006
great idea, really strong message.
StandUpFightBack Featured By Owner May 30, 2006
jennietacular Featured By Owner May 29, 2006
The deviation is simple but portrays a message most probablly need to see.
The commentary is moving.
It's always nice to see someone who agrees with you
& that the world isn't completely hopeless.
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May 29, 2006
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